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The Perfect Imperferfection
Christina shot the pictures for this project
over about 15 years. Wherever she is, in
Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, England,
Germany or Newfoundland, she discovers
stages them to a new signification, puts
them in the right light and gives them a
new and artful dimension.

Objects laying on the streets, in the fields,
under trees, on the ground, at the beach,
where they are lost and not noticed by
other people.

With the Polaroid-transfer-technique the
develop-ment process uses the Polaroid

negative transferred on art paper - and
a few imperfections of course are normal.
This technique provides the impression of
withered, decayed and ratted things.

The particular pictures so received a new
aesthetic dimension; a self-reliance, a
distinctiveness and an unique
formal approach.

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